Characteristics of Healthy Childrens

ENG – Characteristics of healthy children   According to the Ministry of Health :

* Characteristics of a healthy child it will grow well, which can be seen from the increase in weight and height regularly and proportionally.

* The level of development according to age level.

* Looks active or agile and happy.

* Currency clean and shining.

* Healthy Children good appetite.

* The lips and tongue looked fresh.

* Breathing odorless.

* Skin and hair looks clean and dry.

* Feature of an otherwise healthy child, it is easy to adjust to the environment.

Simply put, the hallmark of healthy children in terms of physical, psychological and socialization are:

* In terms of physically marked with a healthy body and a normal physical growth.

* Psychological aspect, it is the soul of healthy children develop naturally, thought to grow smart, sensitive feelings grow, the willingness to socialize well.

* In terms of socialization, children appear to be active, agile, and happily and easily adjust to the environment.